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This product Banksia Spinulosa ‘Cherry Candles’ - Banksia includes multiple unique 3D model variations with different heights, ages and forms of the species available for your production needs. Can be planted individually or as a miniature hedge. A low-growing, hardy native plant with attractive flowers and a compact form. This is Banksia spinulosa ‘Honey Pots’ one of the larger dwarf forms, the specimen above was close to 1.5 metres high x 1.5 metres wide. 1.5m. Foliage. Attractive shrub to 50cm x 1m wide with very showy large bird attracting golden orange flowers with reddish styles, autumn & winter. Low Borders. Australia Post currently have delivery delays within Australia due to the current restrictions and recent COVID outbreak. Most commonly loved for its ability to blossom flowers during the winter season, it will keep any garden looking lively during the cooler months. Buy: Banksia spinulosa. Product Details Product Code: BBC Availability: Pre-Order. Screening. Full or part sun, well drained soil, frost & salt hardy. These appear amongst the foliage at the tips of one year old growth. The flower heads of this hybrid can get as large as 40cm in length and are a deep orange colour, blooming from autumn until the end of winter. This species can generate well after bush fire due to its ability to store energy. Our expert team of horticulturists can help. The medium green leaves are narrow and slightly serrated with lighter undersides and down rolled margins. The handsome honey & red candle-like flowers rise above the foliage in fall through winter. Banksia serrata. Banksia Spinulosa Dwarf Red. Banksia collina, syn. Found in several disjunct populations between southern New South Wales and North Queensland. Banksia spinulosa ‘Stumpy Gold’ Banksia spinulosa ‘Stumpy Gold’ A dense compact small shrub that is perfect for rockeries and smaller gardens, whether mass planted for dramatic effect, in small groups or in containers on the patio, veranda or deck. - 10 x Premium Seeds of Banksia Spinulosa. Leaf margins are serrated with lobes between 1 mm and 3 mm deep. Banksia spinulosa for sale. collina. ... for seasonal gardening tips, advice, inspiration and ideas, advance sale notices, and limited edition plants. Banksia spinulosa: Hairpin Banksia: Banksia spinulosa "Birthday Candles" Dwarf Hairpin Banksia: Banksia spinulosa "Cherry Candles" Dwarf Hairpin Banksia: Banksia spinulosa "Coastal Cushion" Dwarf Hairpin Banksia: Banksia spinulosa "Honey Pots" Dwarf Hairpin Banksia: Banksia spinulosa … Show all products. INTERNATIONAL BUYERS Economy Mail is no longer availble due to Covid19. Its mounded … Large golden flowers that have red highlights will attract birds and bees to your garden. Groundcovers. Banksia spinulosa Stumpy Gold is one of many of Banksia hybrids developed with the small garden in mind. General Description: Banksia spinulosa is a variable species and not all authorities agree on the status of the various forms.. Three varieties are recognised in the Australian Plant Census: var. Banksia spinulosa "HONEY POTS" ID:3: A beautiful dwarf low shrub. Salt tolerant, likes dry sandy soils but happy in less well-drained soils too. Ready to grow beautiful Banksia flowers? 60cm. Prefers a full sun to part shade position with a well-drained soil. Flowers are robust bright golden cylinders with red or purple styles. Banksia spinulosa is native to native to eastern Australia. Banksia Birthday Candles is a native compact shrub with dense foliage and golden-yellow flowers. Width. Call All Green now (03) 9749 1688. Banksia robur. Dwarf Red is an attractive low growing banksia. Banksia Birthday Candles pbrlogov2-50x50 Banksia spinulosa is a dwarf cultivar with golden orange candle-like flowers that are very appealing to native birds. It produces silvery grey flower spikes and cones. All Photos of Banksia - Hairpin. Banksia spinulosa . spinulosa - small shrub to 1.5 metres with a lignotuber; leaves generally narrow, linear with recurved margins. From autumn to early winter it produces cone shaped spikes of yellow flowers that emerge from orangey brown buds.