The Royal Botanical Gardens features more than 800 varieties

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When I asked the people in charge of Downtown Silver Spring about the girl’s experience, I received this written statement: “There was an unfortunate misunderstanding by a security guard at the Downtown Silver Spring fountain who did not initially recognize that the child’s attire was indeed swimwear. Once a supervisor was called and found that the clothing was appropriate swim attire, the supervisor apologized and told the parents the girl was allowed back in the fountain. We’ve taken this opportunity to retrain our Security team.

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Canada Goose Parka Burlington / Hamilton, Ontario Head west from Toronto on the Queen Elizabeth Hwy and if it late spring, in about an hour you can enjoy strolling through the world largest collection of lilacs. The Royal Botanical Gardens features more than 800 varieties of this fabulously fragrant flower. The RBG Centre (open year round with a restaurant and gift shop) is the hub. Canada Goose Parka

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