The researchers found that brushing at least twice a day and

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She’s also a board trustee for the EY Foundation, a nonprofit aimed at helping young entrepreneurs succeed.Earlier this year, Bakkar was featured in “It’s Not About the Burqa: Muslim Women on Faith, Feminism, Sexuality and Race.” The book includes essays from 17 Muslim women in fields from media to law.”I spent ages waiting for people to tell me I could do it or that I was onto something and I just wasted so much time not believing in myself.””I’d make a good hostage negotiator. I’m pretty good at negotiating as I head up commercial and I’m pretty good at motivating people and helping them see a way out in tough situations.”Ana BalarinPartner and executive creative director, Mother LondonAna BalarinPartner and executive creative director, Mother LondonBy Alexandra JardineAna Balarin is part of the four person management team currently running Mother London, Ad Age’s International Agency of the Year. Together with her husband, Hermeti, she also heads up creative for Mother, the agency behind headline grabbing campaigns such as KFC’s “FCK” apology ad, which went viral during the fast food chain’s supply crisis last year, and Greenpeace’s “Rang Tan” ad highlighting the use of palm oil, which has had 80 million views.

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