New skills for success in the 21st century include computer

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Hermes Kelly Replica (eds) 2012. D. 2003. We’ve had a year to do it, and we’ve scoured Broward and Palm Beach counties. But now we have to admit we’ve failed. So once again we’re awarding this minichain the blue ribbon in this category. New skills for success in the 21st century include computer literacy and STEM. Other skills such as learning to swim, ride a bike or read have not changed. Nor have some of the ‘softer’ skills: collaboration, communication, creativity, advocating for oneself, contributing to a team, conflict resolution and leadership, just to name of few.”Cree said the children who attend LifeCamp, ages 6 to 13, have “an enriching summer experience that balances academics, arts and athletics with a large dose of fun.Many children would love the opportunityThere are many children in the Newark area who would benefit from summer camp experiences. Hermes Kelly Replica

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