Hillary’s supporters are loyal to her but not acrimonious to

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The officer, who had been drinking by this point, accused me of being a Middle Eastern spy and locked me in a cell. I eventually persuaded him to release me and immediately went to the British Embassy, who suggested I leave the country rapidly. It was only 10 years later, back in the UK, that I discovered the SAS had been sending troops to refugee camps in northern Thailand to train the Khmer Rouge, and the whole saga made sense..

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buy canada goose jacket cheap It has become a public health matter and will take a coordinated effort to control. I doubt it can be erradicated. Perhaps a Saint could drive the vermin from Cental Contra Costa County. In the latest debate, Hillary regurgitated her familiar mantra that she would veto the Bush taxcuts which she says favor only the rich. That tired old populist ploy of “soak the rich”. However, a brief review of IRS statistics related to post Bush tax cut revenues reveals exactly the opposite. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose uk black friday And they are saying, we’re not getting off the streets. In fact, they’ve started burning tires again, which they had not done since Bashir was ousted. So they are sticking to their ground here, the protesters. Hillary’s supporters are loyal to her but not acrimonious to Barack. Contrary to spin, they WILL vote for him should he win the nomination. [See the latest Pennsylvania poll movement!] I don’t see that happening the other way around due to the bed she and Bill have made for all Democrats this cycle. canada goose uk black friday

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