“Her name was Edna May Sturt after her marriage in 1923

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Spring came round again and offered a very different cast of characters to those we celebrated a year ago. It was the turn of the farmland birds the yellowhammers, yellow wagtails, lapwing, and skylark. Despite their threat of constant predation the sight of our yellow wagtail fledging is something I not forget in a hurry.

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replica bags vuitton Her grandmother Edna May Woodward is believed to be standing on the right of the photograph dressed as if she were in service.She is pictured with three other women and one is holding a baby on the steps outside of a building.Now Mrs Parcell, from Reading, has appealed for help identifying the people or location in the photograph, taken around 1921 before she fell pregnant, and the only photo of Edna within the family.She only discovered it in the last few years following the death of Edna sister.However, she sadly died, aged just 24, a day after the birth of her final child who had been stillborn.Leslie never knew his father and grew up with Edna father, in Church Gresley, following her death. Her mother had already died.Following the stigma surrounding his illegitimacy he never spoke to his family about https://www.replicabagsa.com his mother.Mrs Parcell, 67, said: “It is the journey of a lifetime if we can find out more about her.”We have tried the Magic Attic archive without success.Read MoreA trip down memory lane”We know very little about her, as she died in childbirth in Woodville in 1929.”She grew up at 122 Regents Street, Church Gresley, but we don know where she was in service.”Her name was Edna May Sturt after her marriage in 1923.”Edna was born in 1904 to Samuel and Bertha Woodward at 135 Regent Street, Church Gresley.At the age of 17 she gave birth to Leslie and married Wallace Sturt less than a year later. She went on to have five more children before her untimely death.”When Edna sister, Nellie Woodward passed away in 1982 we found a big bag of photos which we have identified.”We have now slowly been going through the bag.”After my father died aged 70 in 1992 I thought I would order his birth certificate. replica bags vuitton

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