From Seaford and east of Brighton follow the seafront road

الصفحة الرئيسية / الأخبار / From Seaford and east of Brighton follow the seafront road

I felt like I was singing with my family again. It was just in the groove of where we would sing, not to mention the message that’s in that song: It is time for a change. It’s been time a long time ago but, you know, now more than ever. Certainly Florida and Missoiri’s voters should count is Obama trying to rig the outcome by not supporting this for his own benefit? All the votes should be counted and let’s see how the rest of it goes. I hope the superdelegates have the courage to understand that Obama’s background came out too late, and they have to show good judgement as to his candidacy. NOW Obama says he would quit the church, when for 20 years he supported, and made Rev.

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