For centuries Lake Como has attracted visitors including Byron

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canada goose uk outlet Toute cette nergie dploye lors de ce lancement a grandement enthousiasm le prsident directeur gnral et fondateur de, M. Franois Grgoire. Se disant plus que reconnaissant l’gard du gouvernement du Qubec et des deux coprsidents de campagne, M. After some free time in Cannobio, we drive along the shore to Villa Taranto to visit its marvellous gardens, an impressive display of almost 20,000 plants brought from the far corners of the world. Founded in the 1930s, the gardens were the passion project of Scottish captain Neil McEacharn, who had become enamoured of the Italian lakes and set about creating a classical English garden and a botanical treasure trove. For centuries Lake Como has attracted visitors including Byron, Shelley, Churchill and numerous others seeking relaxation, culture and creative stimulus from its picture perfect setting. canada goose uk outlet

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