“Devotion is what your looking for not spitfire and being worst

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best hermes replica On turbo its worse than the spitfire, pitiful clip, no barrel attachment and thus horrible recoil, and overall lower dps. Without turbocharger its even worse than this.”Devotion is what your looking for not spitfire and being worst then devotion is not a damnation against the havoc. Especially when most the other guns in the game are also worst then the devotion in it’s sheer dps and damage per clip.but if you actually mean the spitfire your flat out wrong about the DPS part.Spitfire has a dps of 180, havoc has a dps of 201.Yeah it has worst recoil but it still has better dps then a majority of other guns only being beaten out by i think the devotion and r 99 and maybe one other gun thatp I’m forgetting about.”With selectfire its worse than the longbow best hermes replica.