Back At You Media has alleviated RE/MAX Estate Properties

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canada goose coats on sale “Back At You Media equips our sales representatives with the most powerful social media marketing and ongoing education to successfully build their business.””It’s exciting for us to work with one of the largest and most tech savvy brokerages in America,” says Michael Glazer, CEO and Co Founder of Back At You Media. “The high quality of agents and management’s commitment to offering only the best products, it’s no wonder why RE/MAX Estate Properties dominates their market in Southern California.”With the new partnership, Back At You Media will provide RE/MAX Estate Properties with essential social media marketing tools from content creation to lead capture in one intuitive Social Media Center. Back At You Media has alleviated RE/MAX Estate Properties agents of the frustrating task of canada goose scouring the internet for captivating social media posts by providing aesthetically and data rich content that includes videos, branded blogs, and lead capturing landing pages. canada goose coats on sale

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