At the arraignment, Hudson County Assistant Prosecutor Najma

الصفحة الرئيسية / الأخبار / At the arraignment, Hudson County Assistant Prosecutor Najma

” data image credit= “AP Photo /Steve Wood ” data image alt text= “Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood in 1980. We would have done something. But investigators think the circumstantial evidence the fight, the alcohol, the jealousy may suggest another scenarioDet.

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Canada Goose Outlet Jorge Rios, 33, was back in court Wednesday to face rape, kidnapping, and murder charges for the death of Carolina Cano, whose body was found in the park’s pond on March 24. Instead of showing up for Monday’s scheduled arraignment, Rios stayed in his jail cell, prompting a judge to order his forcible removal from his cell if he refused again Wednesday.Rios’ attorney Andre Vitale said a medical issue kept his client from appearing in court Monday. Rio “will make all appearances and (failing to appear on Monday) was not meant as disrespect of the court,” Vitale said.At the arraignment, Hudson County Assistant Prosecutor Najma Rana said the grand jury has indicted Rios on the charges of murder, felony murder, aggravated sexual assault and kidnapping.Vitale said he has received discovery, including footage of security video and transcripts of interviews. Canada Goose Outlet

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