Analysts note that Cte d’Ivoire’s reconciliation bid and

الصفحة الرئيسية / الأخبار / Analysts note that Cte d’Ivoire’s reconciliation bid and

The blue collar voters who say they won’t vote for Obama “because he doesn’t pledge allegiance” or some such nonsense, have already proven that they are willing to deprive themselves and their children of any hope for a better life for dumb reasons. That they are powerless to resist the appeal of the most blatant deceptions and propaganda. I keep thinking that some day they will wake up and realize that they do have the power to change their lives, but no evidence yet..

canada goose With the next presidential elections less than one year away, politicians are keen to spare their supporters trials to avoid antagonizing them, said MIDH’s Doumbia. The 2015 elections will likely test the country’s stability as it slowly emerges from the devastation of the last polls. Analysts note that Cte d’Ivoire’s reconciliation bid and disarmament programme have achieved little.. canada goose

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